Natural Materials

Below are some examples of my work with natural materials. I have chosen them to illustrate some of the ways I work, but these are not the only projects I deliver. I am happy to develop new themes, tailored to your needs or to discuss earlier projects.

Earth Drawings (11-18 yrs)

This is adesign made by a child from The Sir John Colfox School, Bridport. A small group was able to come to The Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton to see a show featuring the work of five environmental artists. The morning program involved students making studies of the artists’ work and then feeding back to other members of the group what they had gleaned. I was able then to give a brief powerpoint introduction to the wider context and history of environmental art. In the afternoon we designed and made drawings from earth and found objects outside the Gallery.

Earth Drawings (3-10yrs)

Using different coloured of soils, children from Yeoford Primary School made large scale images of their dream animals in the school grounds. This came out of an introduction to Native American Art and later led to a discussion about the minerals in the earth locally and a greater awareness of the changing ground beneath their feet.

Willow dome

Team building a Living willow structure can underpin a wider introduction into environmental issues, whilst also creating beautiful spaces. This is an empowering activity for older children. The summer dome featured here is part of Orchard Pre school and Playgroup’s allotment and play area, which is sited in Lustleigh Orchard. It inspired the creation of a new curricula and a green agenda for the group, called ‘Nature School’. In the winter the structures lose their foliage but none of their presence.

Seven Cycle Labrynth (11-18 yrs)

This art garden project used cobbling techniques. The traditional symbol of seven concentric circles has a rich cross cultural resonance could be used as a starting point for study in many subject areas. It would also make an excellent addition to any place where children play.

Seven Cycle Labrynth (3-10yrs)

Using pebbles supplied by Sara, these pre schoolers took part in creating a pebble maze. This large scale drawing was initially laid out in chalk lines, which were then covered by the placed stones. This process was then followed up by walking the maze to the sound of a live flute.

Pod Workshops

This art work marked a departure from the usual art agenda in that it obliged these secondary school students to create a ‘collective’ installation. The sculptural pod forms were linked with earth patterns, after a discussion about Aborigine Art and Culture, with particular reference to ‘sacred ground’. Smaller found or created forms were hidden inside the pods, after exploring carving with soft stone and/or coiled grasses.

The cost

The price for a day\'s workshop in a school can vary, but it would be in the region of £175 per day. For more information or to make a booking please Contact Sara

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