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Scrap Planet - New Workshop!

Recreate your planet in a day! Sara has created a workshop for schools that teaches children a mix of environmental issues, geography and world cultures.

Stick and stone workshops

Sara Sullivan (nee Roberts) is an environmental artist living and working in Devon. "With these workshop packages I aim to engage children and young adults in the process of making some art, while working with the natural environment as a theme. I do this either with natural or recycled materials, but I don’t usually combine the two. The outcomes look quite different to each other… " Sara says that " ... understanding the possibilities of the art materials leads to the student's enhanced relationship to their environment."

Sara has recently updated her teaching qualifications. She achieved a PGCE in Art and Design for Secondary Schools from Exeter University this year and already held a Cert. of Ed. in post compulsory education. She has a B.A. Hons in Environmental Art (Fine Art) from Glasgow School of Art. She is placed in schools by The Devon Guild of Craftsmen, who often aid the school by partially funding the projects. She can also be contacted through DAISI - the Devon Artists In Schools Initiative.

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